my life is yours in your gifted hands

these things i found are special now, the knot is in my reach

31 January
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My name is Krissy. I work at Disneyland and I LOVE it! I always listen to music and I adore my iPods. That's about it...

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Date Created:2003-12-15
Number of Posts: 411

Cowgirl Krissy is considered the LJ Nazi. She thinks that LJ should bring back the codes. Only a selected few should be able to be at LJ. LOL
Strengths: Friendly, down to earth, outspoken
Weaknesses: boys, mountain dew, shopping, COWBOYS!
Special Skills: typing, saving horses by riding cowboys
Weapons: lasso, wit, brains, looks
Pet Peeves: Really hates it when people create a LJ and take all the good names, and have 0 entries; and NEVER update!!!!

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